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Meet the Spring - Summer Uplift Cohort of 2024

Updated: Apr 11

Crew in high vis shirts standing in front of work truck
Aramah, Jake, Aaron, Alex, & Calvin


UpLift is a 5-6 month workforce development program in the green industry, offering practical training and pathways to permanent employment for people ages 18 and up. Participants gain hands-on experience in sustainable landscaping and conservation, fostering a commitment to environmental stewardship and preparing them for impactful careers.


Aaron Johnson

Featuring a man with dark skin and black curly hair and half beard wearing a high vis READY shirt with a green backdrop

Aaron is a native from Columbia, Maryland. He is a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in Health & Societies and a concentration in Public Health. Additionally, he has a Masters in Environmental Health. With ambitions in international health-care development and sustainable food/water development, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to the team. Outside of his professional pursuits, he enjoys sports and art.

Having been part of Howard EcoWorks' summer READY program since 2018, Aaron has demonstrated strong leadership skills and a deep passion for environmental conservation. We’re grateful to have him back and we’re looking forward to spending another season with him. 

Alex Andrews

Featuring a dark skinned man with short thick hair, glasses. Smiling with his body slightly turned. High vis shirt, jean pants. Blurred woodland background.

Alex, was born in Kerala, India, raised in Prince George's, MD, and spent five years in Baltimore. As a recent graduate from the University of Baltimore with a degree in Media & Communications, he has a diverse set of skills ranging from editing visual media and audio software, to having competed in state and national robotic competitions. Additionally, Alex enjoys exploring traditional teas, cooking, and outdoor activities like foraging, gardening, harvesting, and hunting. 

Alex chose Uplift Workforce Development for its potential to make a positive impact and his excitement lies in career development and the opportunity to make a difference. He is looking forward to a potential career in fish and wildlife or forest services. 

Aramah Johnson

Featuring a dark skinned woman with a black curly hair in a pony tail smiling with her body turned slighly. Hi vis shirt and Blurred woodland background.

Aramah, originally from Baltimore City, has a B.S. in physical education from Morgan State University. And she provided 8 years of educational services within Baltimore City Public Schools, Dayspring Headstart, and St. Vincent de Paul. Outside of her professional pursuits, she enjoys attending shows, plays, and musicals, working out, and sewing tote bags and pouches as hobbies.

Choosing Uplift was driven by Aramah's passion for conservation and sustainable gardening, aiming to build rain gardens and bayscapes to leave a positive environmental impact for future generations. She looks forward to participating in rain garden and tree planting projects, alongside learning about opportunities in the green industry to progress her career and continue making an environmental difference.

Jake Klein

Featuring a light skinned man with thin brown hair and a beard smiling facing the camera. Hi vis shirt and Blurred woodland background.

Jake hails from Ellicott City, MD, and enjoys leisure activities such as playing card games, going on bike rides, cooking, and passionately supporting the Orioles. Currently attending Howard Community College with a focus on geology, Jake previously worked as a summer camp counselor and in food service before discovering Uplift at an Open House Night.

In the Uplift program, Jake looks forward to witnessing a more diverse wildlife ecosystem and engaging in physical conservation efforts. His long-term aspirations include attending the University of Maryland to major in geology and potentially pursuing graduate studies to deepen his knowledge and impact in the field.

Calvin Lynn

Featuring a light skinned man with short thin black hair, round glasses, smiling and facing toward the camera. Hi Vis shirt with Blurred woodland background.

Hailing from Rockville, MD, Calvin enjoys world-building fiction and exploring the outdoors through walks and adventures. With a background in environmental science and technology from the University of Maryland, he previously worked as a natural resource planner at MDE, focusing on data validation in drinking water.

Choosing Uplift Workforce Development to re-enter the green industry with a focus on environmental design, Calvin is eager to gain certificates and establish himself in the field. Particularly excited about electrofishing, he aims to acquire field experience and program expertise to become a specialist or field technician in the long term.

Going Forward

A group photo of the new crew with a wooded background.
Aramah, Calvin, Jake, & Alex

As we welcome the Spring-Summer 2024 cohort, we're excited to witness the remarkable journey ahead. From tree planting projects to transforming turf lawns into expansive conservation gardens and engaging in stream restoration maintenance, their time with the program promises to be filled with impactful initiatives. We commend this team for their enthusiasm for learning and their unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Want to stay updated on their journey? Make sure to follow us on social media and our monthly recap blogs to see how they're doing and the impact they're making on our communities.

Special Thanks!

Additionally, we want to send a huge thank you to William (Bill) Beck, who volunteered to take photos of our new uplift crew members and their group photos.

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