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Did you know that Maryland's native pollinators are in decline due to habitat loss? We're reversing that with our EcoBuild service.

EcoBuild is our solution to environmentally sustainable landscapes. We focus on native tree, shrub, and herbaceous plant garden with the intent to create habitat for our pollinators. 

Climate Change is increasing flood disasters in Maryland, posing risk to homes, human health, and the Chesapeake Bay. But you can make a difference.

We have a lawn problem! Did you know your lawn is contributing to flooding? Turf grass: 

  • Doesn't absorb or hold stormwater well due to its short roots.

  • Which also leads to runoff that pollutes our streams and the Chesapeake Bay.

  • And they're a biological desert creating little to no habitat for wildlife and pollinators.

We specialize in:
  • Bayscapes (conservation landscaping)
  • Pollinator gardens
  • Rain gardens
  • Treescapes
  • Guilds
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Let's Create Something Beautiful and Sustainable 

How to Start the Process

Step 1: Book a Site Consultation

The cost of the site consultation will be taken off in the final cost of the project if you decide to go through the design or installation process with us.​

Step 2: Get a Design

If you already have a design you can skip this process. If you need a design, visit this page: 


Installation costs vary and depend on a range of factors such as project type: 

  •  $15 / square foot for a pollinator garden or conservation landscape.

  • A minimum of $35 / square foot for a rain garden.

Other factors that affect total installation costs: 

  • Project type

  • Size

  • Site limitations, such as utilities, slopes, soils

  • Accessibility

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