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  • Kris Althouse, CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc


  • Bryan A. Booth, formerly Vice President and Dean, School of Business, University of Maryland Global Campus (retired) 


  • Augusto J. Martinez-Orrantia, Principal at Freedom Strategy


  • Don Mohanlal, Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation

  • Jamie Fraser, PE, Vice President, H&H Rock Companies

  • Paul Hayden, Geo-Technology Associates, Inc.

  • Stephen Luttrell, Partner, Whiteford Taylor Preston, LLP

  • Lydia Perez Poole, Director Consumer & Market Insight, McCormick

  • Amity Tripp, Community Advocate

  • Ran Zhang, Manager of Energy Analytics and Settlement at BGE

  • James M. L. Morton, Century Engineering, A Kleinfelder Company

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Jim Kucher, University of Maryland, Baltimore

  • Bill Withers, Organizational Development Consultant

  • Richard M. Hesse, formerly COO/CFO of The Maryland Science Center 

  • Brad Closs, Former Executive Director of NeighborRide and Managing Principal for Hewlett-Packard Consulting

*Institutional affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.


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