Board of


Richard M. Hesse, Formerly COO/CFO The Maryland Science Center - Co-Chair & Treasurer
Bill Withers, Organizational Development Consultant - Co-Chair
Kevin McAliley, Bike HoCo - Vice Chair
Kris Althouse, HMS Insurance Associates - Secretary

Jim Caldwell, Past Director of Howard County Office of Sustainability and Director of         Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection

Dave Gondoun, former Crew Leader for READY and Cyber Security Engineer at                     Northrup Grumman
Paul Hayden, Geo-Technology Associates, Inc.

Augusto J. Martinez-Orrantia, Partner at B2B CFO

Don Mohanlal, Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation
Cynthia Paige-Desi, Howard Community College

Laura Pasternak, MarketPoint LLC

Amity Tripp, Community Advocate

*Institutional affiliations listed for identification purposes only.