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Join date: Sep 5, 2023


Communications | Marketer | Outreach

I started with Ecoworks in March 2023 as an Assistant Crew Lead for Uplift. It was quite the journey and I learned so much about working with the environment. In August, the communications position became available and I jumped right in! Prior to working at Ecoworks I've been an artist, barista, carpenter, graphic designer, marketer, and admin.

I grew up and lived in San Diego for many years, and it was there I developed a love for the environment. I got into hiking, camping, backpacking, and would develop an appetite for learning about the community of plants and animals around me. 2020 changed my life and brought me to Maryland and I had what's called "Green Blindness". It's when you don't know what you're looking at, so all of nature looks like a solid hue of green. The landscape is a stark contrast to what I had grown up with on the west,and I'll admit, I struggled to connect with it in the beginning.

 My time with Ecoworks has allowed me to understand the community of plants here a lot better, and given me an outlet to environmental stewardship. It's also allowed me to build a community here in Maryland with other environmental enthusiasts. We live in times where many young people like myself feel as though our future is unpredictable as we watch the climate change, and those with power are slow to respond to it. I'm glad to use the skills I've developed to make a difference and put action towards making a better, sustainable, greener future we can look forward to.



  • Seedling
    First-time buyer at our native plant nursery!
  • Volunteer
    First-time volunteer!

Elura Morris

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