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The environment and our community is our priority



This program provides technical assistance, site assessments, tree plantings, deer protection, woodland enhancement and restoration, and maintenance guidance to private landowners in Howard County.

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We have recruited nine students from Howard County High School to act as paid EcoAmbassadors for their local community. These influential individuals will support the organization's mission to empower communities and diverse workforces to respect and restore the natural world.​ Each EcoAmbassador will receive a stipend, training, and support from EcoWorks.


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This is a workforce development program that reaches underserved populations in our community.  UpLift educates, trains, and offers participants pathways to employment in permanent positions.

UpLift participants are eligible to receive a Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Associate certificate. These opportunities are not only facilitating needed careers in the environmental industry, but are creating environmental stewards for life.

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This program provides summer employment to young adults ages 16 to 25. Crews build rain gardens, maintain stormwater management practices, and provide habitat management services to the County and community.

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This program gives an opportunity for students and volunteers to:

  • Give back to their local community.

  • Help protect and restore the environment.​

  • ​Get service hours​.

  • Learn about environmental issues and what they can do.​​​

Experience what it's like to be on the Summer READY (Restoring the Environment and Developing Youth)


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This program is an environmental and workforce development program at the Howard County Department of Corrections. The inmates learn about nursery operation and plant propagation, then the plants are used in EcoWorks' environmental restoration projects around the County.
This low-cost, high return on investment program develops job skills and helps reduce recidivism.

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