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EcoWorks specializes in sustainable and eco-friendly gardens and landscapes. Our core focus is using native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants from Maryland's ecoregion.

Our designs will address the needs and conditions of your site. There are so many ways to fix naturally occurring issues with natural solutions, and its starts with a solid design. 
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Natural Problems:

Climate change affects human health, homes, and communities as well as habitat loss and the decline of wildlife. 

We also know that turf grass lawns and traditional landscaping increase these issues with: 

  • Flooding, since turf grass doesn't absorb or hold stormwater well.

  • Pollution, lawns don't trap sediment or slow down stormwater. So runoff from urban life pollutes our waterways.

  • Habitat Loss, lawns are ecological deserts and require pesticide and insecticide use that wreaks havoc on our natural systems. Additionally, many traditional landscaping plants are non-native or even invasive, which disrupts the natural food chain.

Natural Solutions:

We can address all of these issues with a low-tech, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, and sustainable landscape design that specializes in native plants from the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Process

We highly recommend you book a site assessment before proceeding with a design. 

A designer will arrive on site, take photos and measurements and talk about your needs and goals.

Or fill out this form to provide us context for your site.

If you already have a design, please check out our installation page


What to Expect

The turn around for a design is typically around 4 weeks.  The design will include:

  • A layout

  • Planting plan

  • Material specifications

  • Quantities and details

  • and Installation costs 


If there are budget constraints with installation, it is very helpful to make these known to the designer during the site assessment.

Get an Idea on Cost

Size (Sq ft)
Landscape Design Cost
Rain Garden Design Cost
0 - 500


501 - 1,000


1,001 - 1,500


1,501 - 2,000


2,001 - 2,500


2,501 - 3,000


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