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Our merchandise funds ongoing needs for our workforce development program, conservation efforts, and partnering organizations. Perfect for gifts or your own collection. Know that you're helping us, the Bay, and the planet. 

Our Seed Packets & Bombs are made by children with special needs with Howard County Schools. Funds go to support the continuity of their program and eco-friendly activities.

What are Seed Bombs? Made with dirt, compost, and native seeds to Maryland's ecoregion. These fun bombs can be chucked in hard to reach places or scattered in your garden to give the seeds an extra boost. 


These shirts come in 3 colors and fund our ongoing needs for our crew as a work development program, and conservation efforts. 

Kill Your Lawn Shirts

Howard Ecoworks will be featured on an episode of Kill Your Lawn. Funds from these shirts support the project behind this episode and Saint Peter's Episcopal where the project is held. 

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