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Scientific Name: Muhlenbergia capillaris

Common Name: Muhly Grass



Height: 2' - 3'

Width: up to 3'

Sun Requirement: Full Sun

Soil: Prefers dry soil conditions



Muhly grass is an absolute showstopper source of late-season color. As a native ornamental grass, it is a great complement to those landscape beds with fading summer annuals. The delicate plumes of flower panicles create a striking pink haze above the dark green, glossy foliage. Long-lived, with little to no insect or disease pests, and highly resistant to deer grazing, this ornamental grass is perfect for the low-maintenance garden. Muhly grass tolerates heat, humidity, drought, and poor soil and is highly salt tolerant. It is adaptable to home or commercial landscapes. Plant in groups or masses for fall season color.

Muhly Grass

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