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Celebrating Markell Graham: Green Industry Champion at Howard Ecoworks

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Portrait of Markell Graham

In the world of environmental conservation and sustainability, the unsung heroes often make the most significant impact. One such person is Markell Graham, a dedicated, hardworking, and loyal team member at Howard Ecoworks. Markell's journey through the Uplift Program has been nothing short of inspiring, and his contributions to various projects have left a mark on Maryland's green industry, and within Howard County. Join us in celebrating Markell's achievements and his promising future in the world of environmental landscaping.

Markell and crew posing in front of flowers they're about to plant for the front of HCC entry way
Markell, Elura, Xai, & Matt Panting at HCC

The Uplift Program at Howard Ecoworks is a workforce development initiative that introduces individuals to the green infrastructure (GI) industry, offering pathways to permanent positions. This program covers job readiness, certifications, and hands-on experience in stormwater management, tree planting, and invasive species management. Markell successfully completed his training and certifications, serving as an inspiring role model for others in the program.

Markell Graham joined Howard Ecoworks as a crew member in the Uplift Team, and from the very beginning, he demonstrated unwavering dedication and reliability. His journey with the organization has been a testament to his commitment to creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly world.

Key Projects

Markell and Elura hualing wheel barrows full of debris from Emerson

Markell cutting invasive plants down at Emerson

Markell with gorilla cart full for debris at Emerson

Markell played a crucial role in several impactful projects during his tenure at Howard Ecoworks. Let's take a look at some of these remarkable initiatives:

Emerson Phase II:

Markell contributed to the restoration of the 9-acre Emerson urban forest, where thousands of pounds of invasive plant species were removed, and stream restoration occurred.

Chesapeake Bay Trust Urban Trees Program:

As part of this program, Markell and his team planted 500 native trees in urban, underserved communities. This initiative aligns with Maryland's goal to plant 5,000,000 trees by 2031, benefiting air quality and mitigating climate change effects.

Safe and Sound Debris Removal:

Markell participated in Howard County's initiative to remove debris after high winds in Ellicott City. This project aimed to enhance community safety and reduce flood risks.

Clocktower Rain Garden Installation:

Markell contributed to the implementation of a rain garden featuring native Maryland plants. This garden helps manage stormwater runoff within the Clocktower residential community in Howard County.

Accomplishments and Certificates

Markell holding a large root
Markell at Emerson

During his time with Howard Ecoworks, Markell achieved remarkable milestones with his crew members:

  • Planting over 900 trees, contributing significantly to reforestation efforts.

  • Removing an impressive 27,600 pounds of invasive species, restoring natural ecosystems.

  • Earning certifications: American Red Cross First Aid & CPR, CBLP-A (Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Certification), OSHA-10, Maryland Responsible Personnel (Green Card) for Sediment & Erosion Control, and Chainsaw Certification.

Markell is a success story, having graduated from the Uplift Program and secured a successful job placement within the green industry. He is looking forward to advancing his career while helping the Earth. His journey at Howard Ecoworks exemplifies the organization's mission of empowering individuals and communities through environmental education and sustainable practices.

Markell and crew are laughing together while at a creek
Chris, Owen, Andre, & Markell at Creek

As the Uplift team gathered to bid farewell to Markell, they couldn't help but reflect on the remarkable journey they had shared. He is a reliable and impressively strong worker, and has played a crucial role in their growth and success. The crew often reminisced about his willingness to share efficient techniques and his unwavering encouragement for everyone to push themselves.


Markell holding a cupcake made from fellow crew members
Markell's Birthday

What was your favorite project?

“The Rain Garden (Clocktower), it was a tough project, but with everybody working hard, we got it done.”

What will you miss most?

“Crew Shenanigans and shared joy.”

Markell's dedication, hard work, and loyalty have made him a standout member of Howard Ecoworks' Uplift Team. His contributions to impactful projects and his commitment to sustainability are a testament to the positive change one individual can bring to the world. As he embarks on the next chapter of his career, we are confident that Markell will continue to leave a lasting impact on Maryland's green industry and the environment as a whole. And with that his final words with us:

“Thank you Ecoworks, Thank you Everybody.”-Markell

Uplift and Ready Crew of 2023 posing for camera
Uplift & 2023 Ready Crew

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