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Adopt-A-Drain is a program funded by a Safety Grant from BGE and individual sponsors.  We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to sign up to be some of the first ever members of the project! Your job will be to check the status of your adopted drain when directed, typically before and/or after rain events. The goal is to ensure that all of the high risk drains in Main Street, Ellicott City are cleared to prevent blockages and flooding during rain storm events.


As a volunteer, you will be asked to:

Travel to Main Street to check on your drain

Clear leaves and debris as needed from the drain and remove in provided trash bags

Photograph and report on the "before" and "after" status of your drain

The following video has been created to give you an idea of the expectations of volunteers and for reference while cleaning your drain


For more additional information, you can also watch our Adopt A Drain Meet and Greet video


To help you complete your tasks, we will be providing tools to each volunteer. These tools include safety vests, hand trowels, small rakes, gloves and trash bags for debris. You can keep your own set of tools and house/transport them yourself or you can utilize a communal set of tools available at the Ellicott City Partnership office at 8321 Main St. A link to use the See, Click, Fix service referenced in the video is available HERE.


Click HERE to see a map of all of the drains in downtown Ellicott City.  We request that drains that are considered "high risk" for clogging be adopted first (identified with a red icon in the map).  You may adopt more than one drain if you wish.  We would love to promote our Adopters by name on this map if you are willing!

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