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Ellicott City - Soak It Up

Ellicott City – Soak It Up

...is a community engagement campaign to encourage individual action for stormwater reduction on private property in the Tiber Hudson watershed, which drains to Historic Ellicott City. Our goal is to convert 700 acres of turf grass to native landscapes that infiltrate stormwater while providing workforce development opportunities to young adults in the READY program and to in-mates at our on-site nursery at the Dept. of Corrections.  
The project will focus on the installation of small best management practices (BMPs) such as turf conversion to native vegetation, stream buffers, rain gardens and tree planting.   Approximately 20-30% of Ellicott City's watershed, the Tiber Hudson watershed, has approximately 700 acres of turf grass, which has a relatively high runoff coefficient compared to other vegetation types – a long term goal with this project is to convert that relatively impermeable cover type to native vegetation such as meadow grasses, native perennials and native trees and shrubs in order to increase its permeability and overall infiltration capacity.

This is a new campaign whose need became obvious after both the 2011 and 2016 flood events. With increasing intensity and frequency of storms associated with climate change and subsequently more “top down” flooding, the need for upstream stormwater controls has become readily apparent. Watershed engagement and identifying individuals and associations that support behavior change and project implementation is essential to achieving a critical mass of support for long-term solutions.  By engaging the Ellicott City watershed community in this manner, we will develop a strategically important support base that will be needed as larger flood mitigation actions are vetted and implemented. 

Plant Giveaway

To kick off the Ellicott City - Soak It Up campaign, we are sponsoring a Plant Giveaway to those that live and work in the Ellicott City watershed on 5/13 at St. Peter's Episcopal.  Don't know if you live in the watershed?  No problem, just search This Map.  Now how do you get your free plants?  Follow these steps...

Registration for the Plant Giveaway is closed as of 5/10/2017.  Thank you for your interest! 

Please check out this article in the Howard County Times about the Giveaway!

Information for Plant Receivers!