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Have you been thinking about ways to make your property more sustainable and environmentally friendly?  Do you have flooding issues on your property?  Has sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic made you think about food scarcity?

In a time when the coronavirus has made social distancing a fact of life, it still is possible to take steps to improve your property.  Howard EcoWorks is defining new ways for single family residence homeowners and homeowner associations to address environmental issues and opportunities within their reach. 

Site Consultation Deliverable

You can have Howard EcoWorks do a site consultation for your property.  Howard EcoWorks specializes in sustainable landscapes and landscaping practices.  Our Landscape Design Manager can examine your property, either virtually via video-conferencing or by visiting your site in-person.  Our Landscape Designer will advise you on the following: erosion issues, drainage concerns, tree maintenance recommendations, invasive species management, and potential locations of rain gardens, bayscapes, tree plantings, or even productive crop plants and trees.  After the consultation, you will receive a write-up from our Landscape Designer documenting next steps that you can take to resolve your issue or start a new project in an environmentally sustainable way. 

Currently our Landscape Designer does site consultations for two kinds of properties.  She frequently works with single family residence homeowners.  She also often supports representatives of multi-unit properties, such as board members or property managers of homeowner associations (HOAs) who want to address environmental concerns in the common areas of their property. 

Our Landscape Designer will prepare a report a assessment report that lists key findings from the site consultation, an analysis of the slopes and soils, and her recommendations. 

Extra fees apply for service beyond the 45 mile radius of the EcoWorks office at 9770 Patuxent Woods Dr., Columbia, MD 21046.

Example Site Consultation Report

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