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Common Names: Virginia Mountain Mint

Scientific Name: Pycnanthemum virginianum


Plant Characteristics

  • Duration: Perennial
  • Size: Typically grows to a height of 2-4 ft., with a bushy, upright growth habit.
  • Foliage: The leaves are lance-shaped and often have a grayish-green color.
  • Bloom Color: Clusters of small, white to pale lavender flowers with a minty fragrance.
  • Bloom Time: Summer to Early Fall


Growing Conditions

  • Water Use: Moderate
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Soil Moisture: Well-Drained


Ecological Benefits

Virginia Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum virginianum) is a native perennial plant that offers ecological benefits in Maryland's landscapes. Its clusters of small, white to pale lavender flowers not only provide nectar for pollinators but also emit a minty fragrance, attracting various pollinators, including bees and butterflies, contributing to local biodiversity.


This plant's adaptability to full sun to partial shade conditions makes it versatile for gardens and natural areas. By offering essential nectar resources and its delightful minty scent, Virginia Mountain Mint supports the health and balance of local ecosystems in Maryland, making it a valuable addition to pollinator-friendly gardens and landscapes.

Virginia Mountain Mint

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