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Kill Your Lawn Title


7:30 PM

St Peter's Episcopal Church
3695 Rogers Ave, Ellicott City, MD, 21043

Kill Your Lawn

Premiere Viewing & Garden Party

Howard EcoWorks is collaborating with Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church for a fun Friday night to celebrate the launching of their Kill Your Lawn episode. 

This event will feature:

  • The Kill Your Lawn Episode Premiere

  • Food & Beverages

  • Engaging Activities

  • A Funeral

  • And Merchandise

Event Schedule: 

7:30 pm: Attendees arrive and pick a spot for the viewing. Food, beverages, native plants, and merchandise will be available.



-Welcome - Derek Miller, Rector / Priest of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

-Being a Steward of the Land -  Lori Lilly, Founder & Director of Howard EcoWorks

-Funeral & Eulogy of The Lawn - Reverend Derek Miller


8:20 pm - 8:30 pm: Begin Kill Your Lawn episode viewing! (Time is subject to change, as this will be a projection outside and we will begin when it is dark enough)


Attendees Should Bring: Folding chairs, blankets, and means of comfort for a watch party outside at nighttime. BYOB.


Parking: At St. Peter's Episcopal and along Rogers Ave. 

Tickets: This is a FREE event, but we encourage donations. Additionally, there will be merchandise available to support the organizations. Register your tickets online with Howard EcoWorks here.


Viewer discretion is advised: The creators of the show featured in this viewing party may use adult language and express opinions that do not necessarily reflect those of St. Peter's Episcopal and Howard EcoWorks. Please consider keeping little ones at home if you are concerned about offensive language.

What is Kill Your Lawn?


Kill Your Lawn is a series created by Joey Santore, Al Scorch, and Empty Quarter Studios where they comically search for lawns to kill and replace with native gardens that benefit the environment.


In October 2023, the duo visited Maryland and chose Howard EcoWorks and St. Peter’s Episcopal to feature in one of their episodes, with St Peter’s hosting the new garden that would be installed, and EcoWorks staff and crew implementing the project.  This was a massive undertaking replacing 1,700 square-foot of turf grass into a conservation landscape featuring native plants that will benefit the local ecosystem!

To celebrate the release of the episode airing in May 2024, the collaborative journey between EcoWorks & St. Peters, and the new garden, come celebrate with us! It will be a fun way to learn about local environmental initiatives and to enjoy the community.

Photo Right to Left:

  • Kelly, Groundsmith Collective (Landscape Designer)

  • Rev Derek Miller, St. Peter's Episcopal

  • Lori Lilly, Founder & Director of Howard EcoWorks

  • Joey Santore, Kill Your Lawn, Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't

  • Al Scorch, Kill Your Lawn

  • Joey's dog



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