With funding from Chesapeake Bay Trust and Howard County Government, EcoWorks partnered with SilvoCulture to install permaculture practices and plant hybrid chestnut trees throughout Howard County. Michael Judd gives an overview of constructing a swale in this video with the EcoWorks crew.

EcoWorks and Emerson Community Association have partnered to restore 1-acre of forest conservation easement in the neighborhood.

Enjoy an event recap from the Annual Watershed Makeover event in Ellicott City on 3/6/21

Learn about the Chesapeake Conservation Corps with guest speaker and CCC alumni Angela Trenkle. Information includes how to apply, the skills you gain, the potential opportunities waiting for you after and more!


Recorded February 24, 2021

Join our Landscape Design Manager, Jenny Wienckowski, and our Operations Director, Ted Wolfe, to learn about our recent work installing environmental projects on residential lands and learn how you can enhance your yard with native trees and shrubs that produce fruit and nuts for people and wildlife! With special guests Michael Judd and Keith Ohlinger.

Recorded February 18, 2021

Webinar: Reducing Stormwater Runoff with Biochar Addition to Soils in Ellicott City, MD

Recorded November 12, 2020

Webinar: The Environment and Our Health, with presenter Dr. Veda Maany

Recorded November 11, 2020

The 2020 READY crews describe the projects they worked on this Summer and then present their final Capstone Presentations. Stick around for remarks from EcoWorks board members and friends of the program, including a special message from author Ned Tillman.

Recorded August 14, 2020

Ned Tillman, renowned author and environmental activist, addresses our READY crew and congratulates them on their work in summer 2020 before surprising them with signed copies of his book The Chesapeake Watershed

Learn about Chestnut trees and how they can benefit you and your environment with guest speaker Michael Judd.


Recorded July 13, 2020