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Ensuring conservation landscapes thrive

  • We specialize in maintaining rain gardens, conservation landscapes, native plantings, and other Best Management Practices (BMPs). Maintenance includes:

    • Weeding and removing invasive species​

    • Pruning shrubs and trees 

    • Monitoring and responding to deer damage

    • Mulching

    • Edging 

  • Environmentally conscious maintenance practices:

    • No "Mow-and-Blow" landscaping ​

    • No chemical application 

    • Leaving dried seed heads for wildlife ​​

  • We provide service to private homeowners, HOA's, places of worship, and more! 

  • Contracts are tailored to suit your needs such as:

    • Number of visits, 

    • Frequency of visits,

    • Length of contract,

    • And more


We are not currently accepting new clients for maintenance contracts at this time. If you join our wait-list, we will be in touch as availability opens.

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