Rain Barrel Installation


Are you a homeowner who wants to install a rain barrel but are short on time or the tools to do the work?  Do you have a rain barrel that needs to be set up?  Could a rain barrel help to reduce some minor flooding on your property from rainfall?  Would having some free water available for watering your garden be attractive?


EcoWorks is now offering a rain barrel installation service.  With every rain barrel installation, we will help you take that extra step toward protecting the environment.  Whether you have a rain barrel sitting around or need us to provide one, we will come to your residence and do all the work for you.

Rain barrels have become an increasingly popular method of capturing and reusing that is both ecologically friendly and economically beneficial.  They help you and the environment by:​​

  • Providing free water to use on your landscape

  • Minimizing flooding on your property

  • Reducing erosion on your yard

  • Reducing runoff into streams

Our method of installation allows the barrel to be easily maintained and protects your downspout from unnecessary destruction.  Our process of connecting your rain barrel to a downspout and preventing mosquitoes from getting in is what really transforms your rain barrel into an EcoBarrel.

How To Get A Rain Barrel Installed

Simply click on the Request a Rain Barrel Installation button on this page.  Complete the request form.  You will have an opportunity to upload a picture of the downspout to which you would like to attach your rain barrel, and also a shot of the barrel itself if you have one.

Upon receipt of your request, we will respond with a Work Order that will describe the work and suggest some dates and times for us to do the installation work.  The work should take less than an hour, usually around 30 minutes.  We prefer to do the work when you are present at home.  Once you accept the Work Order, we can schedule the work.

On the day of installation, an EcoCrew team of 2 people will come to your home.  Once they reconfirm with you the location for the rain barrel installation, they will perform the work, then check with you to see that you are satisfied.  You may then pay online or by giving the team a check for the Work Order amount.

Don't Have a Rain Barrel?

If you don't already have a rain barrel, that's not a problem! You can select any of the following in addition to your purchase 

Red Rain Barrel (55 gal),

Available for immediate installation.

Wood-Look Rain Barrel (50 gal),

Temporarily out of stock.

How Much Does an Installation Cost?

Below is the cost breakdown for the installation and the individual pieces that we may have to bring.  The required tools for the installation are a rain barrel, the connector kit, uniform gravel, and pavers.  If you have any of those pieces on-hand already, that will reduce your total cost, so make sure to add whatever tools you possess in the note section of the request for service page:

2020 Rain Barrel Installation Rates:



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