Liquidambar styraciflua


Photo Credit: Christopher F. Miller, The Bugwood Network and Forestry Images


CARING FOR YOUR PLANTS IN WINTER: Please be advised these plants are currently dormant and will awaken in the spring when sunlight and temperatures increase. Plants may be kept outside in their pots in a sheltered location on the ground and insulated by a layer of leaves or straw. Store this way until the last frost has passed. If you wish to plant them sooner, plant when the soil is workable (not frozen) then cover lightly with a layer of leaves for insulation. After the last frost has passed, lightly brush away the leaves.

Sweet Gum, 5 gallon

  • Height: Grows to 60'-100'

    Sun Exposure: Full sun, Partial Sun

    Soil Moisture: Moist, Wet

    Additional Notes: Blooms April-May, yellow and red color during Fall season

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