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Site Consultation

A Howard EcoWorks subject matter expert can help you define the environmental stewardship strategy for your property, or even some basic next steps that can make a difference.  We can provide an assessment of your property with suggestions for approaching:

  • environmental landscape design

  • native plant layouts and pollinator garden designs

  • rain garden, bayscape, or tree planting arrangements

  • stormwater management

  • woodland areas management

  • tree health, care, and management

Rent An EcoCrew

Through our “Rent An EcoCrew” service, you have access to a source of labor that can help you get yard work, gardening and landscaping-type jobs done on and around your property.   Our crew members are trained in the most recent COVID-19 and professional safety practices, the effective use of hand tools, and environmental awareness and understanding of sustainable landscapes.  

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We design and construct small to medium sized projects that provide environmental benefits.  

Our staff are certified as Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals and our workforce are trained as Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Associates.

Projects include rain gardens, tree plantings, native landscapes and more.  A comprehensive list can be found HERE

  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) creditable projects
    We have the expertise to design and construct projects that are creditable to MS4 permits.

  • Best Management Practice (BMP) repair
    We have the expertise to repair and revitalize rain gardens, bio-retention and native landscapes.



We are skilled in the maintenance of environmental projects, particularly:

  • Rain gardens

  • Native landscapes

  • Tree planting

  • Bioretention

  • Stream restoration

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Environmental Training & Workshops 

We provide various types of training and public workshops on environmental topics such as:

  • Environmental project construction and maintenance

  • Native plants

  • Watershed science

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Project and watershed tours

Plants in Greenhouse

Native Plant Sales

Although most of our native plant stock is grown for internal projects, we provide periodic plant give-aways and sales.