Virtual Site Consultation

Take a 30 minute walk around your private residential property, or a 1 hour walk through your homeowner association grounds, with our Landscape Designer virtually looking over your shoulder.  You and our Landscape Designer will discuss environmental issues and opportunities just beyond your doorstep.  Our Landscape Designer will send you a report with an analysis based on what you discussed, as well as a number of suggestions for next steps.

Workforce Development

We provide workforce development programming for the environmental / green infrastructure industry. 

This includes:

  • Recruitment

  • On-boarding

  • Training

  • Evaluation

  • Off-boarding

  • Placement with employers

Project Construction 

We design and construct small to medium sized projects that provide environmental benefits.  

Our staff are certified as Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professionals and our workforce are trained as Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional Associates.

Projects include rain gardens, tree plantings, native landscapes and more.  A comprehensive list can be found HERE

  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) creditable projects
    We have the expertise to design and construct projects that are creditable to MS4 permits.

  • Best Management Practice (BMP) repair
    We have the expertise to repair and revitalize rain gardens, bio-retention and native landscapes.


We are skilled in the maintenance of environmental projects, particularly:

  • Rain gardens

  • Native landscapes

  • Tree planting

  • Bio-retention

Local Waterway Debris Management 

Our teams are skilled in stream channel debris maintenance.

Environmental Training & Workshops 

We provide various types of training and public workshops on environmental topics such as:

  • Environmental project construction and maintenance

  • Native plants

  • Watershed science

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Project and watershed tours

Site Assessments

We analyze site conditions at a number of scales and provide recommendations for environmental projects and/or referrals to other agencies and institutions.

Native Plants Sales

Although most of our native plant stock is grown for internal projects, we provide periodic plant give-aways and sales.


In addition to the above, we provide these additional services on a fee basis.

  • Bacteria analysis - We provide materials and instruction for collecting bacteria samples from local streams and bacteria plates and an incubator for obtaining counts. COMING SOON

  • Biochar Production - We can produce biochar from your on-site wood waste materials.  The biochar can be used as a soil amendment.

  • Native Planting Plans - We can provide native planting plans for residential and commercial sites to help your landscape be more sustainable.


9770 Patuxent Woods Drive, Suite 309

Columbia, MD 21045  


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