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Did you know that Maryland's native pollinators are in decline due to habitat loss? We're reversing that with our EcoBuild service.

EcoBuild is EcoWorks' design and installation service—our team designs unique bayscapes, rain gardens, and pollinator gardens comprising of only Maryland's native plants.


Already have a design? Let us install it for you! 

Hire us to construct native plant gardens such as:

  • Bayscapes

  • Pollinator gardens

  • Guilds

  • Treescapes

  • Rain gardens

  • Contour swales

Are you ready to create something beautiful and sustainable? Read pricing details below:

Interested in starting a landscaping project? Here's what to expect:

  1. The process starts with booking a booking a site assessment with our staff or landscape designer.

    • ​The cost for a site consultation to a private residence is $150 for 1-hour visit.

    • ​The cost for HOA's, multi-unit, or commercial properties is $175 for a 1.5-hour visit.​​

    • ​The cost of the site consultation will be taken off in the final cost of the project if you decide to go through the design or installation process with us.​

  2. After we've looked at your property, you have the option to proceed to the design process. Some 

      costs to consider:

  • Ordering a design from us that's catered to your space ranges from $550-1000.

  • Already have a design that our team can implement? We can go straight to installation costs.​

  • Installation costs vary and depend on a range of factors such as project type:

    •  $15 / square foot for a pollinator garden or conservation landscape.

    • A minimum of $35 / square foot for a rain garden.


  • Other factors that affect total installation cost:

    • Project type

    • Size

    • Site limitations, such as utilities, slopes, soils

    • Accessibility

Ready to make your space an oasis for pollinators and birds? Start with step number 1

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