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Advise and design services for eco-friendlier yards

  • On-site: Our Landscape Designer will meet with you to collect information on your property desires or concerns and gain an understanding of the current conditions of your property.

  • Within 3 weeks of on-site meeting: A report will be delivered that will address any problem areas (such as erosion and or invasive species) and provide sustainable garden solutions and recommendations. This report will identify priority zones for remediation and/or garden installation while also providing solutions and/or recommendations according to existing site conditions. 

  • If a landscape design is desired, please visit our Design Page.

  • Should a project result from a consultation, our landscape consultant is equipped with the knowledge and skills to create the design, plant layout, and construction blueprints for your project to ensure proper implementation.

  • The service area is within a 20-mile radius from our office in Columbia, Maryland.

  • Prices:

    • Residential: $150 for 1 hour

    • HOA/Multi-Unit/Commercial: $175 for 1.5 hours

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