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Free Trees & Pollinator Gardens

EcoWorks is seeking project opportunity locations for native tree plantings and pollinator gardens / conservation landscapes. Funding for the projects is from grants from the Chesapeake Bay Trust and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to target areas in and adjacent to urban, under-served areas. 


Howard EcoWork supplies materials and labor for project installation.  Partners will commit to short and long-term maintenance of the projects. We are seeking partners within ~25-mile radius of Columbia, MD. Potential partners include homeowner associations, community associations, congregations, institutional and commercial properties and entities who can support a minimum of 10 tree plantings and/or 250 sf of pollinator garden (preferably both trees and gardens!).  Individual private lots will be considered if a critical mass of work can be established within a neighborhood.

Please check the map below to ensure the area you are requesting service for is within the target area. After confirmation, you can complete the Project Interest Form and a staff member from our office will reach out to schedule a site visit.

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