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Sierra Villas - First Summer READY '18 Project Installation!

posted Jul 14, 2018, 8:28 AM by Howard Ecoworks   [ updated Jul 14, 2018, 9:04 AM ]

The summer READY crews have been trained and completed their first project installations in the Sierra Villas neighborhood in Columbia!  The projects were quite extensive and a bit more complicated than anticipated.  The area was marked for utilities but many unmarked utility lines were found during excavation, which slowed the process as crews carefully hand dug to locate the lines.  All four of the Crew Leaders are commended for their attention to detail and conscientious approach to the project.  The 510 sf rain garden, 230 sf conservation landscape and 410 sf conservation landscape will provide water quality treatment to a 18,553 sf drainage area that is 38% impervious.  Native plants throughout the gardens will provide food and habitat for pollinators and wildlife.  Prior to project construction,  the area had extensive bare soil and pooled water for extended periods of time creating unwanted mosquito habitat.  The neighborhood and property management company are very pleased with the results!  See below for details, photos and a video of the final project!  Thank you Howard County Government and the Sierra Villas neighborhood for supporting this project and providing our teams with valuable work and project management experience!

Lori Lilly, Director, 7/14/2018

Project area prior to construction (the brown matting was installed after some pipes were replaced under the sidewalks):

The project was designed by Chris Moore of Cultivate Landscape Planning and Consulting.  Here is a portion of the design:

During project construction, uncovering many utilities:

And the project after construction - Check out this video, which shows the extent of the work:

Sierra Villas.MOV