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Greenleaf Bioretention

posted Jun 20, 2017, 10:12 AM by Howard Ecoworks
Howard EcoWorks constructed our first bioretention facility in the Greenleaf neighborhood in Columbia. The facility was designed by Howard Soil Conservation District in 2015. Funding was obtained from the Chesapeake Bay Trust and Howard County in 2017 to construct the project. Construction began on 4/6/2017 and ended on 5/19/2017. During Howard County Public School System’s Spring Break, the week of 4/10, nine high school students spent the week with the current READY crew to undertake the majority of the excavation. Approximately 80 cubic yards of soil was excavated BY HAND from two 800 sf cells. Rick Cascioli of Clarkesville did assist with some of the grading with a track loader and track backhoe. On 5/15, approximately 15 Columbia Association volunteers also assisted by adding biosoil to the cells! The facility treats a 1.17 acre drainage area that is 30% impervious. It will remove 9.1 lb/yr of nitrogen, 0.6 lb/yr of phosphorus and 659 lb/yr of sediment reduction. The project cost approximately ~$16,000 with a contribution of ~1,000 labor hours! The neighbors are very excited to be doing their part to protect the adjacent local stream and Green Infrastructure Network!

For more information, check out THIS FACT SHEET.