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Native Plant Nursery

Howard EcoWorks has a partnership with the Howard County Department of Corrections where a native plant nursery is maintained on-site.  In-mates assist with nursery management and plant propagation activities.  We are continuing to work on developing and expanding our partnership with the Corrections Department to provide more job readiness skills and training to the in-mate population.  We recently delivered a 5 week course curriculum called Landscapes for Life and graduated 9 in-mates from the program.  Watch the following video produced by Howard County to learn more.

YouTube Video

We have been making Seed Bursts at the nursery!  Seed Bursts are small, dry balls of clay with native plant seeds mixed in. They can be tossed into planters, areas of bare soil or any spot in need of beautification. The plants are good for local wildlife and pollinators!  Toss the Seed Burst wherever you think is best and let the rain and sun do the rest.  THIS is the plant species mix used in our Seed Bursts.